683436.worldmapasiapacificThe Asia Pacific region encompasses large landmasses and vast oceans with thousands of islands. Languages and cultures are diverse, and wealth exists beside poverty. Some people are isolated in remote jungles, while others live in massive apartment buildings in sprawling metropolitan areas. But the truth of God’s Word is transcending all barriers. In Asia Pacific, the highly educated and illiterate, the wealthy and poor, are finding reality in Christ. The missionaries in this region that we support are:

KevinSandyBarner– Kevin & Sandy Barner – Thailand

Kevin and Sandy are missionaries to Bangkok, Thailand.

For more information, visit their website:


861352.Ruthclark– Ruth Clark – Philippines

Ruth is a missionary to the Philippines.

For more information, visit her website:


388792.patrick-linda-cochenour---indonesia– Patrick & Linda Cochenour – Indonesia

Patrick and Linda Cochenour welcome you to beautiful Indonesia, a tropical nation of 13,500 islands sprawled across the Indian and Pacific oceans for 3,300 miles. Five principle islands support the bulk of Indonesia’s 240 million people. Indonesia is a diverse nation of many ethnic groups and over 700 languages spoken. We believe because of the diversity of the land and the number of people, media is the most effective tool for reaching the souls of Indonesians. We have been Assembly of God missionaries to Indonesia since 1983. Our focus of ministry is in multi-media. This ministry includes print, radio, video and television. OPENING DOORS THROUGH MULTI-MEDIA MINISTRY Multi-media ministry is a tool that we can use to open doors. There are three important doors that media can penetrate and influence. Opening Doors to Homes > Media crosses geographic, political, and ideological barriers. It comes into homes where no one else can. Through all kinds of media like television, viewers can go shopping for what they want to see. Through media, barriers among ethnic groups are broken. It cuts through cultural and religious backgrounds and can reach the sophisticated city dweller as well as the primitive tribesman. Opening Doors to Hearts > We know that just publishing the Message through media is not enough. Hearts must be opened. Lives must be changed. This can only be done by God Himself. The Holy Spirit illumines the truth of our message to the minds of the hearers and opens the hearts to respond. We depend on Him to empower this message so it can bear the fruit God has promised. Opening Doors to the Heavens Air waves is the most important aspect of media. Whoever controls the air (atmosphere) will control the message. The Bible says, “Lift up your heads, O you gates; be lifted up, you ancient doors, that the King of glory may come in.” As these ancient gates and doors are opened, we believe the message we send over the waves will begin to have great influence in peoples lives.

881347.phil-lisa-dimusto---singapore– Phil & Lisa DiMusto – Indonesia

Phil and Lisa are missionaries to Singapore.

855227.dave-debbie-johnson---philippines– Dave & Debra Johnson – Philippines
Dave has been a missionary to the Philippines since 1994 and Debbie since 1996. We were married in 1997. In partnership with our U.S. supporters and Filipino co-workers, our ministry focuses evangelism, church planting, and leadership development, especially for planting houses churches. As the Lord has directed, our evangelistic team conducts a three night evangelistic outreach almost every week. We are praying and working toward seeing more churches planted throughout our region. In 2007 Debbie felt led to begin church planting schools that would focus on planting house churches. This has grown to 14 schools stratically placed throughout the area with 207 house churches successfully planted. More are on the way.
For more information about the Johnson’s, visit their website: www.daveanddebbiejohnson.com.

162690.ray-debra-miller---philippines– Ray & Debra Miller – Philippines

Ray and Debra are missionaries to the Philippines.

For more information, visit:  www.mindoro.org

-Brian & Sally Snider – Japan
Brian and Sally are missionaries to Japan.