521465.worldmapEurasiaThe vast expanse known as Eurasia is characterized by geographic and social extremes. From the frozen plains of Siberia to the sweltering sands of North Africa, this region has posed a major challenge to missionary ministry. A variety of religions and age-old traditions dominate people’s lives, resulting in formidable resistance to the full gospel message. Yet woven in every city, village and nomadic dwelling is one common thread: their people are hungry for truth.

The missionaries we support in this region are:

453850.james-sara-damude---india– James & Sara Damude – India

James and Sara are missionaries to India.

4755.dianne-eklund---bangladesh– Dianne Eklund – Bangladesh

Dianne is a missionary to Bangladesh.


– Sobhi & Jeri Malek – North Africa

The Malek’s are missionaries to the Middle East.

422885.ian-mccabe---india– Ian McCabe – India

Ian is a missionary to India.