917868.worldmap EuropeEurope’s introduction to Christianity is recorded in Acts 16 when God sovereignly directed the apostle Paul and his companions to the Roman colony of Macedonia (today’s Greece). The group traveled to Philippi, the region’s most prominent city, where they established a stable church. Persecution drove them west to Thessalonica and Berea and south to Athens and Corinth, and in each place a church was established.
The missionaries that we support in this region are:

812832.paul-mechthild-clark---germany– Paul & Mechthild Clark – Germany
In July 2007 the Clarks moved to South Rhineland Palatinate which is located about 60 miles southwest of Frankfurt. The Clarks are planting a church in the city of Bad Dürkheim. Bad Dürkheim County has a population of over 135,000 and only a total of about 300 people affiliated with one of the seven Evangelical churches in the area.In 2008 through a serious of miracles the church plant was able to buy a building in the heart of the city. German culture as a whole views any church that is not Lutheran or Catholic as being a cult. Since 1984 Paul and Mechthild have planted churches and assisting others to plant churches in the following cities: Saarbrücken, St. Wendel, Neuwied, Merzig, Erfurt, Eisenach, Jena, Trier, East Berlin, Bad Dürkheim. Many lives have been touched and changed by the power of God as these churches continue to fulfill the Great Commission. Paul was instrumental in helping to initiate two BFP (AG partner church)Districts(Rhineland Palatinate and Thuringia), and served for several years as their district overseer. The BFP plants about ten new churches each year. From 1998 to 2005, and again since 2008, Paul serves as Field Moderator for Assembly of God U.S. missionaries working in Germany.

109507.david-audra-daniel---germany– David & Audra Daniel – Germany
The Daniel’s are missionaries to Germany.

480547.steven-lisa-frey---kosova– Steven & Lisa Frey – Kosova
Steven and Lisa are missionaries to Kosova.

946418.GaryMichellegallina– Gary & Michelle Gallina – Kosova/Macedonia
The Gallina’s are missionaries to Macedonia.

647953.steve-patti-gray---italy– Steve & Patti Gray – Italy
Steve and Patti have been serving as missionaries to Italy for over twenty-four years. They began their missionary career as independent missionaries working with Teen Challenge from 1986-1988. Italy, the home of Roman Catholicism, has been flooded with foreigners from dozens of other nations. The great majority are from third world and ex-communist eastern European countries. The need for international, multi-cultural Pentecostal churches has greatly increased. In 1988, the Grays moved to Rome to assist Assemblies of God missionaries in planting an English-language international church in the heart of the city (International Christian Fellowship). During the ten years in Rome, Steve served as an associate pastor of the church, overseeing home cell groups, teaching Bible school, and overseeing the worship team. Patti served as the Christian school principal, as well as overseeing children’s and women’s ministries. In 1998 Steve and Patti moved to Padova, a university city located in northern Italy, near Venice. They planted International Christian Fellowship there and Steve serves as the senior pastor of the church. The church is enjoying good health and growth, as there are over 150 believers from 22 different nations attending. Steve and Patti joined the World Missions team of the Assemblies of God in 2002. Their vision is to see the Gospel of Jesus Christ preached to foreigners in the great nation of Italy.

735128.michael-loretta-hopkins---italy– Michael & Loretta Hopkins – Italy
Michael and Loretta are missionaries to Italy.For more information on the Hopkins, visit their website:www.icfrome.org

290381.BrentReneeliebe– Brent & Renea Liebe – Romania
The Liebe’s are missionaries to Romania.

185238.henry-karen-linderman---france– Henry & Karen Linderman – France
Henry and Karen are missionaries to France.

950028.BobandBetteamac– Bob & Bette Sue Mac Isaac – Lithuania
Bob and Bette Sue are missionaries to Lithuania.For more information on the MacIsaac’s, visit their blog:www.bobbettesue.blogspot.com

780208.richard-lori-mclane---poland– Richard & Lori McLane – Poland
Richard and Lori are missionaries to Poland.

654793.JimEloiseneely– Jim & Eloise Neely – Europe Area Director
Jim and Eloise function as a Europe Area Director.

768832.kevin-karen-prevost---spain– Kevin & Karen Prevost – Spain
The Prevosts have been working in Spain since 1985. Their ministry concentrates on church planting and open air evangelism in Spain and around Europe. They also work with a local church in the Madrid area and with a street evangelism ministry called “Kilometro Cero” in downtown Madrid.To see more info. go to: www.ontheredbox.com andwww.kilometrocero.net

634090.harvey-marie-skinner---italy– Harvey & Marie Skinner – Italy
Harvey and Marie are missionaries to Italy.For more information about the Skinner’s, visit their website:www.ministeringtomuslims.com

552216.dennis-vanna-tanner---scotland– Dennis & Vanna Tanner – Scotland
Both Vanna and I grew up in Assemblies of God Churches.  Our Christian training and view of missions were formed in the teaching of AOG pastors.At a Mission’s Convention in Flint Michigan at Riverside Tabernacle when I was only 10 or 11 years old God spoke to me, called me, to be a missionary.  Riverside would hold annual weeklong mission conferences, with missionaries coming from all over the world.  It was at one of those meetings that God spoke into my heart about being a missionary.  I remember my pastor and a missionary coming to pray over me as I committed to serve Him and go.As a teenager I ran from that call and ran from God. But God was faithful and at Brightmoor Tabernacle, Detroit Michigan in 1972 I recommitted my life to God and felt a renewed call to be a missionary in Africa!  I spoke to my wife (Elaine, who was promoted to Heaven in 1999) immediately after the service and she responded without any hesitation that she would follow me and serve wherever God called us.  We spent 3 years in Congo Africa with our family and then transferred to Belgium, still under assignment with the Assemblies of God.  In 1995 we returned to the states for Elaine’s medical condition.In 2000 I met Vanna at Ozark AOG in Ozark MO.  My family had been attending that church during Elaine’s illness. We were married in September of 2001.  In 2002 we established the Compassionate Touch Ministries in cooperation with the Church of God.  The International Learning Center in Rotterdam, Holland was a result of that ministry where we had twenty   students, from five different countries enrolled in the ministry training classes.   The first graduation ceremony for the students was held at Rotterdam in June of 2003.  Graduates of the ministerial studies now pastor churches in Holland and Belgium.  In 2004, twelve of these students received their Ministerial License and many of them are still active in the ministry today.In 2004 we made their first trip to Scotland at the invitation of the Scotland International Church of God to minister at a men’s conference.   In 2007 the National Superintendent of the Churches in Scotland invited Dennis and several pastors of the international churches from the Benelux region to visit Scotland and share their vision of ministering to the international community.  The focus was on how the ‘new Europeans’ are integral to reaching Europe for Christ.A ‘Macedonian call’ was extended to the Tanners in 2007 to come to Scotland and in late summer of 2008, the Tanners moved to Scotland to serve as the National Overseer/Superintendent for the International Churches in Scotland.  Currently the Tanners are responsible for the oversight of 12 churches and 13 pastors.“We have seen an increase of 6 new churches since coming to Scotland in 2008.  We now have 5 African churches, 5 indigenous Scottish churches, one Indian/Malayalam church and one Caribbean/Jamaican church with a total membership of about 500.”

166223 Convoy of Hope.douglas-joan-webber– Douglas & Joan Webber – Convoy of Hope Europe
Doug and Joan are the directors for Convoy of Hope Europe in Eastern Europe. They have focused on communities in Albania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, with future plans for other countries.The Webbers have been in Europe since 1996. They have ministered in music, drama, teaching, worship, media and evangelism. Their heart is to see Europe touched by the love of Jesus. They are currently assigned with Convoy of Hope Europe. When you feed the hungry you feed the soul. Convoy of Hope is having an incredible impact in the lives of the hurt and needy in Europe. Compassion evangelism is changing the face of Europe and drawing people to Christ.For more information, visit their website: www.coheu.org