God’s heart for Africa has been evident since the beginning of the Church Age. In the Book of Acts, an angel told Philip where to find the Ethiopian eunuch — a North African — who was seeking God (Acts 8:26-40). The man believed and was baptized in water, marking the beginning of Christianity on the continent.The missionaries that we support in this region are:


– Tim & Joyce Jarvis – Tanzania
We are veteran missionaries since 1995; our current assignment is Tanzania, East Africa. We are currently itinerating and hope to return to Tanzania sometime in May of 2008. When we return to Tanzania we will be involved in general missionary work; this includes working with the Bible school in Mwanza, church planting, evangelism, compassion ministries, putting up church roofs, training seminars and children’s ministries, and other ministries as they arise and are needed. We will also be focusing more of our attention on the islands of Lake Victoria; most of these islands have not yet been reached with the Gospel. Also, the far western regions of Tanzania have had little missionary contact; we will spend more time reaching the areas along our western borders with the Good News of Jesus.For more information about the Jarvis’ ministry, visit their website timandjoycejarvis.com


– Greg & Emily Johns – South Africa
Greg serves as Area Director for the South Africa Area which includes South Africa, Swaziland and Lesotho. These 3 countries at the southern tip of the continent are home to a wonderful team of missionaries and emerging national churches. These churches are still climbing out from under the crippling legacy of apartheid, patriarchalism, and traditionalism which have hindered growth and development. Greg enjoys working with missionaries and national leaders to nurture healthy relationships, promote positive partnerships and facilitate local initiatives for ministry training, church planting and missions. Emily serves as team leader of the Cry Africa Continental Task Force. She networks with a great group of missionary and national HIV/AIDS ministry practitioners across Africa to facilitate specialized training/education, compassionate outreach, evangelism and home based end-of-life care. Cry Africa believes that the local church in every village, town and city is the key to turning the tide of this modern day plague in each community – one person at a time. Emily’s focus is on training Africans to reach and touch those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS in their own culture, church and community.

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– Steve & Trina Pennington – East Africa
Steve, Trina, Josiah, Priscilla, and Micah have served in East Africa for nearly 20 years. They began in Kenya working among an unreached people group. They shifted from there to Ethiopia where they served in various capacities for 10 years, including: Moderator, teaching, preaching, Academic Dean and Acting Principal of Addis Ababa Bible College, Sunday School developer, Missionettes, among other things. In 2007 they were asked to serve at the East Africa School of Theology as Academic Dean and to assist with EAST’s government charter. Currently, they are transitioning to Team Leader Overseers of Live Dead East Africa, an initiative to place church planting teams among unreached peoples in East Africa. They will be serving teams in numerous East African countries.To find out more about the Pennington’s ministry, visit their websitewww.live-dead.org


– Jim & Becky Petersen – South Africa
Jim and Becky are missionaries to South Africa.


– Marty Roman – Benin
The Roman’s are missionaries to Benin.


– Bob & Rhonda Thomas – Ethiopia
The Thomas family are missionaries to Ethiopia.

For more information on their missions work, visit their website:


– Dave & Damaris Thompson – Kenya Dave and Damaris are missionaries to Kenya.

“That Your way may be known on the earth, Your salvation to all nations.” Psalm 67:2