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The Johnsons

215148.asmith– Greg & Emily Johns – South Africa

Greg serves as Area Director for the South Africa Area which includes South Africa, Swaziland and Lesotho. These 3 countries at the southern tip of the continent are home to a wonderful team of missionaries and emerging national churches. These churches are still climbing out from under the crippling legacy of apartheid, patriarchalism, and traditionalism which have hindered growth and development. Greg enjoys working with missionaries and national leaders to nurture healthy relationships, promote positive partnerships and facilitate local initiatives for ministry training, church planting and missions. Emily serves as team leader of the Cry Africa Continental Task Force. She networks with a great group of missionary and national HIV/AIDS ministry practitioners across Africa to facilitate specialized training/education, compassionate outreach, evangelism and home based end-of-life care. Cry Africa believes that the local church in every village, town and city is the key to turning the tide of this modern day plague in each community – one person at a time. Emily’s focus is on training Africans to reach and touch those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS in their own culture, church and community.