Riverside partners with a number of ministries locally, state-wide, and nationally.  The ministries we’ve joined with represent a diverse cross-section of Kingdom activity:  Caring for children, building relationships and making Jesus known on our university campuses, ministry among Muslims, providing groceries for hundreds of families in need each week, actively engaging our neighborhood and community, the establishing of new churches.  We believe God for a great outpouring of His Spirit in our day, in our nation!
The missionaries/groups that we support in this region are:


– Crossover Downtown Outreach Ministry – Michigan

Crossover Downtown Outreach Ministries, a faith-based, non-denominational mission established to help the neediest members of our community with free emergency food, clothing, household, personal items and youth programs.Faith based services and programs, showing the love of Christ, restoring hope, and rebuilding lives.

For more information, visit:


– Gary & Glenna Flokstra – 4 The World Resource Distributors

Gerard (Gary) & Glenna Flokstra III served as appointed missionaries with the Assemblies of God World Missions for 18 years. They have been involved in overseas ministries for over 20 years. Gary began working with book and resource distribution to missionaries and overseas Schools stateside in 1998 at Africa Library Services. He was director of that ministry from April of 2000 until December 2003.
Their mission adventures began in 1980 in Brussels, Belgium. After spending one year at Continental Theological Seminary in Brussels they served for ten years at Asia Pacific Theological Seminary in Baguio City, Philippines. Both assignments included library development, book and resource distribution and library training for students.

For more information about the Flokstra’s ministry, visit their website: www.4wrd.org


– Forgotten Man Ministries

Forgotten Man Ministries brings together inmates, chaplains, and lay-workers in the study and ministry of God’s Word. Forgotten Man Ministries chaplains conduct daily in-house jail ministries that include Biblical one-on-one counseling, Bible correspondence courses, group Bible studies, discipleship training units (group Bible pods), distribution of Bibles and Christian books, showing of Christian DVD’s, and the facilitation of pastor visits and local church worship services.

The Great Commission where Jesus told us that we were to go and make disciples of all the nations. This of course includes jail inmates. We must follow the example of Jesus who ministered to people who are sick with sin. Today, Forgotten Man Ministries follows in Christ’s footsteps by bringing the healing powers of the Great Physician to those incarcerated in our Michigan jails and prisons.


– Greg & Erin Glutting – Chi Alpha

Greg and Erin are missionaries with Chi Alpha.


– Nino & Tammy Guarisco – University of Michigan Chi Alpha

We work with a wonderful missions organization called Chi Alpha Campus Ministries. Chi Alpha is the missions arm of the Assemblies of God, and our unified dream is to reconcile students to Christ, thereby transforming the University, the marketplace and the world. The universities and colleges of America contain some of the most influential people on the face of the earth. The young men and women studying at our colleges will rise to positions of power and influence in our world, setting the tone for future generations and determining the course of history. We believe that if we reach the university, we reach the world. If we change the university, we change the world!


– Life Challenge – Flint, Michigan

Life Challenge is a one-year residential program for men and women with drug, alcohol, and other life-controlling addictions. Affiliated with Teen Challenge USA, International, our goal is more than rehabilitation—helping men and women get clean and sober. Our purpose is to make fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. Consequently, we seek to help men and women turn from their self-destructive ways and put their faith in God. We emphasize Bible study, counseling, and Christian community. Life Challenge has campuses in Detroit and Flint. Both programs offer a highly structured environment providing a unique opportunity for people to separate themselves temporarily from the normal distractions of life and give needed attention to personal spiritual growth.


– Steve & Belkis Lehmann – Great Lakes Chi Alpha

Steve Lehmann is the founding director for Great Lakes Chi Alpha. He is the one who drives the vision of every campus, every student. Stevespends much of his time meeting with leaders: identifying planting targets, determining strategies, recruiting and placing missionaries. Along with his wife Belkis, he also provides pastoral care and training for our current ministries. Growing up in a pastors home, Steve came to Christ at the age of 18. He attended Central Bible College graduating from North Central Bible College in 1985. Steve has served as a youth pastor, college and career pastor, and Chi Alpha director of Eastern Michigan University for 17 years. While at EMU he and Belkis pioneered King of Love University Church where he served as senior pastor till 2006.


– Steve & Linda Smith – Friendship International Center

Steve and Linda Smith moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan, in 1990 as Assemblies of God U.S. missionaries to the growing Asian population. Initially they planted a church that came to be known as International Assemblies of God. The church included a preschool.”We immediately noticed huge numbers of Japanese toddlers in the preschool,” Steve Smith says. “We wondered where these Japanese people were from, how many were there and how could we reach them.”The Smiths soon realized that there were lots of ministries in Ann Arbor focused on Chinese and Koreans, but nothing much for the Japanese. So that’s where they put their focus, dedicating themselves in 1995 to full-time intercultural missions. The Smiths realized the best way to teach the love of Christ to Japanese-Americans was to teach life skills, starting with English.”We began a series of English as a second language classes, cooking classes and Bible studies,” Steve says. The classes were held in the Smiths’ home, students’ homes and various other locations until 2007. Then the Smiths started to rent a facility and dubbed the ministry Friendship International Center.Now, a church in the basement of the Friendship International Center meets with around 35 Japanese attendees. All started attending because of English classes.